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[About us]

“Constant and Continuous Enhancement of Client Satisfaction” is the motto of Marketing Concept House or MCH. Our body of experts has the skills to utilize our unique methods to “translate” consumer information into business activity.

Company Profile

Name Marketing Concept House (MCH),Inc.
Address TY Bldg 3F, 2-9-11 Misaki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061 
TEL: 03-5215-5601 FAX: 03-5215-5602
Established July 3, 1984
Capitalization 20,000,000 Yen
President Nobuyoshi Umezawa
Reserch staff 31 people

The main business activities at MCH center on the following four main areas, with each separate group of experts working to meet the specific needs of the client.

●Commissioned investigation with group interviewing…Group Interview Research Center
●Support for the successful development of products (or business)…Successful Product Development Support Office / Kyoto Research Center
●Business Consultation…Umezawa Research Office
●Seminars…Umezawa Research Office

Each Group's Activities

[Commissioned Work]
Group interviewing for the purpose of resolving various types of marketing issues
Development of product concepts based on the “Key Needs” Method (various types of responses depending on the objective) and their proposals
Diagnosis of receptivity to a new product. (C/P test)
Diagnosis of the health of a brand based on the Brand Power Index
Estimation of sales based on Formula S

[Business Consultation]
Assistance with the realization of Market Initiating Product
Implementation of a product development system capable of achieving a high success rate based on the C/P Balance Theory
Total marketing of new projects, from the development of new products up to their introduction into the market

Umezawa Group Interview College
Techniques for expressing concepts in advertising and package development (CCS)
Development of product concepts and evaluation methods based on the Key Needs Method and CAS

Improvement and development of concept development methods centering around the Key Needs Method Broaden utilization and awareness of the Key Needs Method (especially with respect to the development of goods in new product categories) Consumer needs, consumer satisfaction, long sellers, earth marketing, etc.


[Company slogan]
Based on a deep understanding of the consumer, we shall contribute to the development of successful products worldwide. In so doing, we leave a richer living environment for the children of generations to come.